Herzklopfer Flaschen

The new Heartbreaker. Shots for the parties of the future.

Here we are!

It’s us, the Heartbreaker. Novel, naughty and unexpectedly big in flavour. Forget the sticky-sweet shots that people used to try to sell you at parties. Just say “cheers!” with us and enjoy. Together with all those who know what really tastes good.

Aromatic Shash.

Take a break and discover our finely balanced compositions. Heartbreaker Party Shots are available in five crazy flavours: mint, woodruff, iced tea-peach, white caramel and blueberry-cherry. Each flavour is deliciously aromatic and temptingly tasty.

Hello Big Brother!

Every single Heartbreaker Shot puts you in a good mood – with 0.02 litres of content per shot in the party-friendly 24-pack. But because we also like to pour one, we are also available in a 0.7 litre bottle: neat, on-the-rocks, as a cocktail mix and long drink component.  A must-have in every bar.

Shot Story.

Our creator Christopher Herzberg realised during his years of working in drinks sales that something was missing. Something that triggers mood and flavour explosions at the same time. Something not so sweet and out of the ordinary. That’s why he developed Heartbreaker. Shot bottles with an impulsive mix of pure vodka and that extra kick of power – fresh, cheeky and full of joie de vivre. In a handy knocker bottle and in flavours that hit the taste buds of the times. Each flavour is made with heartbeat. Shots for the parties of the future.