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Flavours that really spice things up.

Get the creative kick!

Heartbreaker bring joie de vivre, creativity and that special kick that every party needs. Whether juicy, wyld, sweet, fresh or berry – the five Heartbreaker flavours are perfectly tailored to the tastes of today’s party makers. Try them now and find your favourite!

The Heartbreaker Fab Five.

It will freshen up your party.

Heartbreaker Mint

Heartbreaker Mint brings the cool touch of revitalising mint and the surprising kick that everyone loves. With Heartbreaker Mint, you can recharge your batteries for long nights or mega-relaxed days. A toast to life with a gentle, natural flavour. Like a surprising kiss at the bar.

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It takes Peach to the beach.

Heartbreaker Peach iced tea

Here the summer sun comes knocking. A well-measured hint of sweetness and the classic freshness of iced tea create an all-round cool combination. A real summer feeling in every glass and moments of relaxation like on holiday. Take the heartbeat in your hand – and off you go to the beach!

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This one is very cherryberry.

Heartbreaker Blueberry-cherry

Could it be any fruitier? Hardly.

The sweetness of blueberries in perfect harmony with sun-kissed cherries. Fresh, round and full-bodied – but not too sweet. Full of summery inspiration and seductive charm. A flirt for the palate.

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The Woodruff of every party.

Heartbreaker Woodruff

The perfect blend of childhood memories and modern flavour. Subtle herbal flavour plus freshness kick plus typical Heartbreaker energy boost. All in all, an unmistakable shot experience. Seductively aromatic and enchanting like a walk in the woods in May.

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It sweetens the mood.

Heartbreaker White Caramel

A smooth shot that brings hearts closer together. Mild and mellow with its perfect creaminess of white chocolate and caramel. An incomparable pleasure, sip for sip. Sensual and elegant. Like a sweet promise of love.

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